From 'Bonniers rocklexikon' (in swedish), Bokforlaget Bonnier Alba AB, 1993. Translated from swedish, original article written by Jan Poulsen.

GO-BETWEENS, The. Australian group from Brisbane and Melbourne, formed in January 1978 by Robert Forster (el-g, vo) and Grant McLennan (el-b, vo), with no permanent drummer. G released some singles locally before going to England early in 1980, where they with Steven Daly (dm) recorded the single 'I need two heads' for the Scottish record company Postcard Records. They returned to Australia later that year and Lindy Morrison (dm) joined the group. After recording their debut LP (1), G toured a lot in Australia before going back to England where they got a contract with Rough Trade. After releasing (2), the group was extended with Robert Vickers (el-b) and McLennan changed to el-g. The group signed a contract with Sire the next year but were fired due to low sales after the critiqually acclaimed LP (3). In 1985, the group signed up with True Tone in Australia and with Elektra in Europe and USA. Without recording anything for these companies, the group signed a new contract in January 1986, now with Beggars' Banquet. Three months later, the classically trained Amanda Brown (v, oboe, el-g, keyb, back-up vo) joined the group (7). Vickers was replaced by John Willsteed (el-b, org, p) in January 1988 and G recorded (8) in Australia. The song 'Streets of your town' from this album became the group's only hit before they split in the autumn of 1989.

G plays a very delicate, melodic pop music with inspiration from several american 60's groups, especially The Byrds. Their earliest recordings show influence of Talking Heads and Jonathan Richman's Modern Lovers. After Brown joined, the music became more varied and often folk oriented. All lyrics and music was written by Forster and McLennan, both of whom are skilful text- and songwriters. They have continued solo after the split and have released critiqually acclaimed LPs. Forster settled in Germany and recorded (10) in the Hansa Studio in Berlin, where he was assisted by several members of Nick Cave's group The Bad Seeds. During a visit in Scandinavia February 1991, Forster was accomanied by various German musicians, some of them from the group Baby You Know. He also participated on their first LP, 'To live is to fly'. McLennan worked as a producer, for the duo Club Hoy and for others, before he released (12) on which Brown participated. In parallel with this, he and Steve Kilbey (The Church) had the hobby project Jack Frost (11). G performed in Scandinavia in October 1983, July 1987, and October 1988. Forster/McLennan played as an acoustic duo in Stockholm 4 November 1991. Morrison and Brown formed the group Cleopatra Wong (13) in 1991.

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